Good Partner (2016)

Good Partner (2016)

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Other name: グッドパートナー〜無敵の弁護士〜 グッドパートナー 無敵の弁護士 Good Partner: Muteki no Bengoshi Good Partner: Unbeatable Lawyer Хороший партнер: Непобедимый адвокат

Sakisaka Kento is a lawyer with an outstanding career. He seems cool and handsome, but he is a zealous person who will confront things that are unreasonable and wrong head-on. There are times when he values the words of a single person and not a lawyer. Sakisaka is regarded as the ace of the law firm, but his only weak point is a lawyer at the same firm who also happens to be his ex-wife Natsume Yoshie. He has been raising their daughter Mizuki as a single father since their divorce. A stylish lawyer who holds her head high, Yoshie is down-to-earth and a perfectionist. These two rival lawyers often have well-reasoned legal arguments regarding the cases of their clients. However, when they wander off topic, they will call each other “papa” and “mama” the moment they lose their cool and start quarreling like a couple.
Episodes: 9
Duration: 42 min.
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: TV Asahi,
Director: Tsunehiro Jouta [常廣丈太], Tamura Naomi [田村直己], Motohashi Keita [本橋圭太]
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Released: 2016
Genre: Business, Comedy, Law, Miniseries,



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